Measures to secure sport organisations are rather meaningless if athletes themselves are not protected against all forms of harm and abuse. Deliberate violence to, and abuses of, athletes represent the ‘enemy within’ sport, and merit at least as much attention as other global problems facing sport today. Safe Sport International (SSI) is intended to help sport recognise and respond to such emotional, physical and sexual abuses against athletes of all ages.

— SSI newsletter article by Celia - "Ending violence against athletes"

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SSI Declaration and Principles
This document outlines the purpose and principles of Safe Sport International (SSI). The SSI is an initiative established to advance the setting up of a mechanism that will ultimately monitor and quality assure compliance of sport organisations with the principles of safe sport.
The SSI founding team at a meeting in London in 2014
The SSI founding team at a meeting in London in 2014
SSI Newsletter – Ending violence against athletes (February 2015)
The newsletter is part of SSI’s way of disseminating knowledge that supports sport that is abuse- and violence-free.
Celia and Susan Bissell
Celia and Susan Bissell (SSI member and Director of UNICEF's Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children) meeting in London in 2014


Sandra Kirby, Professor Emerita, Winnipeg, Canada

Over those early years, Celia was largely alone in the field. Reporters would call asking for her expert opinions. Athletes would call to share their stories and ask for help. It can only have been a most difficult and challenging time for her, but her vision of a better sport for participants certainly kept her going.

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